Engineering design plays a crucial role in the successful development and operation of commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical facilities. APEC Mechanical specializes in providing innovative engineering design solutions tailored to the unique needs of these industries. From design-build services to specialized systems like industrial waste collection, pH neutralization, process waste containment, USP water, WFI, clean rooms, stability chambers, specialty chemicals, toxic materials handling, and process cooling water, our expertise ensures efficient and reliable facility operations.

Design-Build Services:

APEC Mechanical offers comprehensive design-build services for commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical facilities in orange county , Riverside county and Los Angeles area Our team of experienced engineers collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, objectives, and budgetary constraints. Through an integrated approach, we seamlessly incorporate design, construction, and project management, streamlining the entire process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Industrial Waste Collection:

Effective waste management is crucial in industrial facilities. Our engineering design team is proficient in developing innovative industrial waste collection systems. We take into account the type and volume of waste generated, regulatory requirements, and environmental considerations to design efficient and sustainable waste collection systems that minimize risks and promote responsible waste disposal practices.

pH Neutralization and Process Waste Containment:

Maintaining appropriate pH levels and containing process waste are critical considerations in various industries. Our designs ensure compliance with regulatory standards while efficiently neutralizing acidic or alkaline waste and safely containing process byproducts.

USP Water and WFI Systems:

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require high-quality water systems for various processes. such as WFI (Water for Injection) systems. Our designs adhere to strict industry standards to provide pharmaceutical-grade water that meets the stringent requirements for drug manufacturing, ensuring product safety and purity.

Clean Rooms and Stability Chambers:

Clean rooms and stability chambers are essential for maintaining a controlled environment in pharmaceutical and industrial facilities. APEC Mechanical’s engineering design expertise ensures the proper design and construction of clean rooms and stability chambers, including air filtration, temperature control, and contamination prevention measures. Our designs facilitate stringent environmental control to safeguard product integrity and enhance research and development processes.

Specialty Chemicals and Toxic Materials Handling:

Facilities dealing with specialty chemicals and toxic materials require specialized engineering design solutions. APEC Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to develop systems for safe handling, storage, and containment of hazardous materials. Our designs prioritize worker safety, regulatory compliance, and environmental protection, ensuring responsible handling of toxic substances.

Process Cooling Water:

Efficient process cooling is essential in various industrial applications. APEC Mechanical’s engineering design services cover the design of reliable and energy-efficient process cooling water systems. Our designs consider factors such as heat load calculations, equipment selection, and water conservation strategies to optimize cooling performance while minimizing environmental impact and operating costs.

Our Engineering services provides cost effective, sustainable design, and innovation of all commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical, facilities. Supporting clients from design to construction, and ongoing operation, we concentrate on the details, confirming that each system we design meets the required code and remain effective and efficient systems.


  • HVAC
  • Cooling System/ Chilled Water
  • Contamination Sensitive Area
  • Industrial Hygiene Systems
  • Title 24 Analysis and Design
  • Central Utility Plants
  • Air Handlers HVAC System Control
  • Fire Protection and Plumbing


  • Domestic Water Systems
  • Drainage Waste and Vent Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Plumbing
  • Process Piping Systems
  • Water Treatment Filtration and DI Water Systems
  • Laboratory Process Systems


  • Industrial Waste Collection
  • PH Neutralization
  • Process Waste Containment
  • USP Water
  • WFI
  • Clean Room
  • Stability Chamber
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Toxic Materials Handling
  • Process Cooling Water